The Greatest Hits

Branding/Art Direction/Design for a film production company

For a film production house that represented young, fun, radical film directors, From Lands Unknown came up with an equally radical concept for their identity. Why have ONE when you can have MANY?

The Greatest Hits identity was one that changed with every season and was not meant to be permanent.

The identity’s first iteration was based on the theme of Music and its greatest icons, inspired by the recognizable look of various genres and famous band logos. The idea was that for the next season, the same could be applied to the genres of Film or Design or Architecture and so on.

The brand identity was manifested in the form of two giant A3 sticker sheets. The various stickers could then be applied to basically ANYTHING! Which led to some great affordable guerrilla branding since everybody loves stickers. 🙂

The corporate stationery was intentionally kept blank so that it could be customized by the employees themselves which added a touch of individuality to each item sent out.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Interactive