Bandar Malaysia

A brand film for the city of the future

Bandar Malaysia is an ambitious proposal for a prototype green city of the near future that will integrate residential, business, educational and retail components.

The Prototype City is meant to challenge and rethink the conventions of the relationships between the elements of a city, its economic base and population, land use, commerce, industry, transportation, infrastructure, community, urban design, the environment and education. All to result in an uplifting, inspiring and profound living for its residents and occupants at all levels.

Instead of resorting to the usual 3D architectural fly through that a project like this was wont to do, mingjen together with master plan architects Citylab Studio, instead conceptualized a short film of a day to night journey from the point of view of a family living in this compact city. By following this family, the various elements of the city are all naturally showcased to better effect and allowed investors and future residents to easily envision this city.

What we did

  • Concept
  • Film Direction